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The Prize Decoder Promotion

Two Different Prize Decoders To Choose From To Match Your Budget And Marketing Goal.

Deluxe Digital Prize Decoders

People will be drawn to your both to see who wins. You can do standard or customized tickets and when the barcode is scanned by our digital reader, the prize level will be revealed!! 

With the Deluxe Prize Decoder, you get a full color video display that can be programmed to include videos, sounds, or the actual prize being revealed!


Display Stand

Sale Price: $1,550
Rental Price: $595 weekly rental
Additional days, call for pricing

Pricing shown is for the prize decoder using the stock signage and the deluxe digital scanning device. Scannable tickets are not included.

Table Top Stand

Sale Price: $1,450
Rental Price: $595 weekly rental
Additional days, call for pricing

Pricing shown is for the table top prize decoder using the stock signage and the deluxe digital scanning device. Scannable tickets are not included.


Sale Price: $0.20 each
Minimum purchase of 1000 cards




Sale Price: Call for a quote
minimum purchase of 1000 cards



Sale Price: $100

Why have a Prize Decoder machine that looks like any other machine when you can make it to match your promotion or your business. Top and bottom panels are customizable.


The Prize Decoder Promotion

Your "Ticket" To Driving Business Traffic Through Engaging Interactive Marketing

The prize decoder promotion is built upon fundamental marketing principals that have proven effective time and time again. People love to win and can hardly resist the excitement of winning something for free - especially when there is nothing to lose!

Our prize decoder promotion has been used with unrivaled success to drive traffic and participation for:

Trade Shows
Retail Promotions
Bank Promotions
Car Dealership Promotions
Fairs and Community Events
Casino Promotions
Grand Openings
Corporate Events
Eye-Care Centers
Dental-Care Centers

How The Prize Decoder Works to Drive Traffic

Because each prize decoder ticket has a chance of winning, ticket holders are compelled to attend your promotional event to see if they are one of the lucky winners.

Participants insert their ticket into The Prize Decoder Official Prize Center, which then reads the bar code on the ticket. A prize panel lights up, indicating if they've won a prize!

There are number of ways to get prize tickets into the hands of your target audience:

Do a bulk mailing to targeted local area residents within the proximity of your dental office, optometry clinic, auto dealership, or store.
Present existing in-store retail customers with a ticket when they make a purchase and invite them to return during the dates of the promotion.
Include a ticket in employee's paycheck envelope as an incentive to attend the company event.
Mail prize decoder tickets to companies who will be attending an upcoming trade show to entice them to stop by your booth.
Offer a ticket to each person who stops by your tradeshow booth. Upon filling in their contact information on the back of the card, they can scan their card to see what they've won!

This promotional strategy entices participants to enjoy the experience and excitement of winning and they will gather around the display and watch as others see what they have won. The interactiveness of the Prize Decoder makes this promotion strategy impossible to resist.

Convenient, Adaptable, And Reusable

The Prize Decoder is sure to boost attendance at any event and it is easy to use. Simply take it out of the box and your promotion idea is ready to go to work! The convenient display is reusable with a generalized display board that reads "First Prize", "Second Prize", and "Third Prize". You can even tailor the prize board for your specific promotion with customizable stick-on boards that can announce your prize offers such as "Hawaiian Getaway" or "$10 free when you open a new savings account." You can also order a custom stand with custom graphics to showcase your Prize Decoder at your trade show booth; retail outlet or you can place it in a convenient location where it would be visible to your clients/customers.

Control The Costs Of Your Promotional Event

Unlike other open ended promotional strategies, the Prize Decoder promotion allows you to precisely control the cost of your promotional event by deciding how many tickets to distribute and how many tickets are winners.

The Prize Decoder promotion allows you to set up to 6 tiers of prizes:

  First Place Prize

Second Place Prize

  Third Place Prize
  Fourth Place Prize

Fifth Place Prize

  Sixth Place Prize
  Non-winning position (The non-winning tickets are identical to winning tickets but do not light up the Prize Decoder display.)

Choose to make every ticket a third place prize winner with small prizes such as a free drink, a logo-imprinted key chain or other merchandising items. Or choose to offer only a set number of winning tickets per tier. The amount and types of prizes you choose to give away are completely defined by you and your promotion budget.

We've taken extra measures to ensure that your costs are controlled. With our patented, specialized ink process and additional security features, our Prize Decoder Traffic Tickets are specifically designed to prevent fraudulent copying or tampering.

How Will You Design Your Prize Decoder Marketing Event?

Stop Traffic at Trade Show Marketing, Grand Opening and Community Events

The Prize Decoder is the perfect trade show marketing or community event marketing technique. Passers-by cannot resist the opportunity to stop by for a chance to win. Use this interaction as a means to collect contact information by requiring participants to fill out the back of their Prize Decoder Ticket. As they are waiting their turn to swipe their ticket, use this valuable time to engage in sales conversations.

Driving New Traffic Through Your Doors

The Prize Decoder is a powerful in-store promotional tool for banks, retail stores, auto dealerships, casinos, optometry clinic, dentists, and more. By mailing out tickets to targeted local area communities, you can drive new potential customers through your doors that may not have stopped in otherwise.

Encouraging Repeat Business

Marketing to your existing customer base is far more cost effective and often results in a higher ROI than marketing to new customers. Encourage established customers to return on the day of your event by handing them a ticket with their purchase several weeks before the start of the event. Strategically plan your marketing event during key buying times -- such as the holiday season, the back to school shopping days, or during a sale or promotion.

Sample Prize Decoders Signage
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Stock Signage
Stock Signage

Custom Signage

Custom Signage
Custom Signage

Need More Promotion Ideas?

Promotion Store offers Ideas for Events and free consulting. We work along with your company to promote your business and identify your goals. We help you meet those goals and assist you in designing a promotional contest utilizing one of our biggest Traffic Stopper.... The Prize Decoder machine!

From introducing a new product to the public, positioning your company as an industry supplier on a B2B basis, to grand openings for retail stores or directing traffic to your website, or even filling your trade show booth with buyers. Prize Decoders Traffic Tickets are a powerful promotional tool!

Call Promotion Store now at 800-573-3111 to find out more and to order your Prize Decoder Business Marketing Promotion Tool.


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